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Here are just two examples of the types of regional trainings we offer. If you would like to discuss having a training in your community, please email at us for more information.

Law Enforcement Training

The Animal-Human Bond: Investigating Crimes Against Animals

5 Hours

Law Enforcement CEUs available

Learn how to properly investigate criminal cases involving animal cruelty. Lack of knowledge, training and resources can lead to poorly handled animal cruelty cases which do not hold up in court. Despite the fact that animal cruelty is often an indicator of other violent tendencies, these cases do not always receive the attention they should. This training has the following objectives:

  • Define Cruelty to Animals and know the different types.
  • Identify the difference between a Felony and a Misdemeanor.
  • Understand the importance of processing and securing live evidence.
  • Define and understand the importance of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Know the difference between Dog Fighting and Cock Fights.
  • How to charge someone with multiple counts of Cruelty to Animals when investigating a case involving numerous animals.
  • Understand important motions that must be filed in court and the proper procedure on filing them.

Training by Positive Links’ Board President, Tammy Fiebelkorn, and Robyn Gojkovich with the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Department.

Mental Health Professional Training

The Animal-Human Bond: Therapy Options for Intervening and Preventing Animal Abuse

5 Hours

Social Work CEUs available

Learn about intervention and prevention of animal abuse using various therapy intervention techniques. Intervention is the best way to introduce empathy and personal responsibility in animal abusers, thereby stopping the cycle of violence and preventing future abuse. Intervention techniques for both adult and juvenile abusers will be covered. Participants will leave the training with a certificate of completion and the knowledge needed to incorporate animal abuse interventions into their existing practices. This training is a resource for mental health professionals, educators, youth workers, public health agents, nurses, etc.

Training by Positive Links’ Board President, Tammy Fiebelkorn, and Positive Links’ Board Member and AniCare Certified Trainer, Tamara Herbert Ward.